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Welcome to PMD-E-of-Beyond! A new PMD group that has a brand new original story line taking place 1200 years after the events of PMD-E in Tao. But also allows you to import your characters from ANY AND ALL PMD GROUPS as they were when the group when it closed/you left.

We're still setting things up so if anyone want's to help all you have to do is submit or note us a suggestion and we'll consider it. That said Task's are now open so we already have stuff you can do if you want to participate. So come and join PMD-E-of-Beyond.

we're always open to new admins and helpers, so don't be afraid to ask! the worst that could happen is to be turned down, no harm done. :)
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Sep 17, 2013


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57 Members
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for those who are taking advantage of group amnesty, i suggest you get your butt moving- we're nearly 2/3 complete with the comics, and the last 1/3 won't take long at all-

immediately after the comic is released, we'll reveal mission 1 rewards, introduce the newly improved rules, and new functions within the group!! what new functions?? well, you'll see.~ it's a surprise. then, after you guys calm down from all the new things, we'll start M2!!

also, i'd like to give a moment of silence for another fallen PMD group, PMD-Discovery- the group had great potential (not to mention super group, something our group could only dream of-) but it had it's run-

but don't fret, for all of you who are left wandering aimlessly after it's closing-

same as we allow import teams from PMD-E (the group that closed which inspired this group's opening) we're allowing you to import teams from PMD-D as well!! the same rules apply- all cash, pokemon, items, and accessories can be switched over to our equivalent groups, just show proof of your previous membership by linking the previous app in the description of your newly made app- though don't think i'm stupid- though i never joined in pmd-d's stuff, i watched that group, and know how it worked. don't think you can slip any shenanigans past me, just so you can have an upper hand in this group-

cheating in this group can result in a ban, after all- i'm sure you don't want that, because i don't want to ban people either. i'm usually a nice person. :3

other things to remember when you're transferring teams:

you can bring in your old accessories, or you can trade in your old accessories for our group's accessories.

1 evolution is allowed between the switch- i'm sure the treaturous journey into a cave that whisks you away to another time could induce evolution! this does not mean that every pokemon on your team gets to evolve, this means you choose which one of your pokemon you're going to evolve, and they only evolve by 1 stage.

things you cannot do when switching teams:

you cannot move a 2 member team into the soldiers guild, since this is a 1 member only guild- you can, however, split your 2 member team in half, and have two soldiers teams, and still consider them a team. being in two different teams doesn't mean they can't work together.

you can move a 2 member base stage team into the scouts guild, and add 1 more member free- you can move a 2 member baby stage team into the scouts guild, and add 2 more members free, but if you move a 2 member team with 1 first evolution, 1 base stage, you cannot add another member. tis the rules of the scouts guild. (complicated, amiright? it's a guild run by 3 kids, it's not that organized yet.)

also, we might as well mention this too- even though PMDUnity isn't dead, we're allowing you to import teams from their group as well- We understand that some of you may disagree with how ChillySunDance runs the group, so if you left behind your team because you got aggravated at PMDU, you can move them here- same rules apply.

we welcome all new members to also participate in our group task amnesty- that should be the journal right below this one- because what better time to rack up the moolah than now, when all tasks from day one are available for full credit?! believe me, you'll want that money once the updates are in place-

and yes, i know that only group members and watchers will see this journal- we'd love to spread the news, but last time we tried to spread news about our group, we got a bunch of hate coming back on us, for advertising- people were offended that i didn't want pk's group to die and wanted people to continue to be happy doing tasks with the teams they've had for 2 years... i guess i had different feelings. :/

so, if you know any friends who are a bit down about the other group closing, and want to continue their character's story, tell them to come here!! everything you had in your old groups is completely accepted here!!
for those who have joined our group recently, you may notice there is mission 1, which was closed before you even got here. it's from way back from last year, but for those that never got a chance to doing them (since they were from all the way last year) we're allowing ALL GROUP TASKS to be done for full credit (because keeping up with deducting points is more hassle for the both of us)

this time there is no set deadline, and it goes on until we get the finishing touches on the comics (YES, the M1 epilog M2 prolog you guys have been waiting for, please understand that the sketching of the comics were traditional, which is why these took so long)

another thing to mention, for those who have already completed all the tasks that can be completed, we'll give you something else to nibble on.


for a while now, our group has been thinking about putting "weekly tasks" into place, and these such tasks, in fact, are written by YOU. all it takes is 5 task points to purchase a task for the week, there will be five tasks each week when the element is fully put in, and each task will be worth 1 point. i personally wanted to test this out with you guys, so if you think you would like to purchase a task to host, i'll post a comment down below. i'll give you a brief explanation to how all this works.

1: weekly tasks last the week. after this testing period, these will be new tasks for every week, though they probably won't occur while missions are running. tasks are purchased thursday thru friday, and there is only five each week. they're released on sunday, and they end each saturday. the cycle repeats.

2: tasks cost 5 task points to be purchased, and every task is 1 task point. meaning that if you do all tasks of each week, by the end of the week, you'll have enough to purchase your own task with the money you earned. tasks can be held by your team, or by a personal npc of yours. if you use a personal npc, your own team can participate in the task, but if your team is hosting the task, you cannot complete your own task. (after all, why host a task if you can complete it yourself??) other teams you own can complete it, but that particular team can't.

3: you can also offer something extra, though it most likely won't be worth any/much monetary value. something like a toy for a thank you gift, a berry, a cool looking rock, please refrain from accessories. you'll have to consult us first about that.

so, we'd like your opinions on this newly implemented idea, whether we should continue to carry it, and what you think of it, if you'd like to purchase one, and so on.

if you wish to purchase one, all you have to do is be able to answer the following questions.

1: what person/team will be hosting this task?

2: what will this task be about?

3: what is the solution you're looking for in this task?

4: what extra item would you like to include along with your task for completion? (optional)

of course, this isn't all that you can do. you could have a short little story along with your task that says whatever you want! it's your task, you paid for it, so do with it what you want!! :) all you have to do is follow the guidelines above.

the maximum amount one member (as in you, not your teams) can purchase is 2 tasks. it wouldn't be fair to everyone if one person purchased all of the tasks for that week. if there are slots still open by the end of friday, then we will allow more tasks to be purchased.

so, now that we have that out of the way, i'll leave you guys to it!! best of luck, my explorers!!
since it wasn't put in clear placement, i bet a lot of you missed the deadline date hidden in a mass of text near the end of the November tasks journal.

the original task due date was november 25th, but now it's been extended to december 1st.

also, i figured we should let you guys in on some things. we haven't been just sitting around lazily waiting for you guys to get your november tasks in. we've actually been working hard to make some major changes to the group.

we've been working on the Q+A rules, mostly the lovely Pfaccioxx so give him a round of applause for that!!

we're implementing new shops, which will add lots of cool things to the world. don't forget, this world is basically MODERN DAY, things like skateboards and computers and cars EXIST. we're not going into detail what these new shops will hold, but you guys will be shocked when they come out. let's just say, you'll want to get these points while you can, because i promise some of you will be spending them like crazy. so many awesome things, i swear.

we've had complaints about the writing apps not having entries for soldiers and scouts yet, and the guild transfer forms aren't out, but we're working on it, don't worry! right now, we're more of trying to get mission 1 comics finished up, so we could release mission 1 rewards (i bet a lot of you are going "FUCKING FINALLY YOU GUYS!!") and get onto mission 2.

i wish i could've completed all this earlier, but alas, i had hurt my right wrist, and i couldn't draw, and so couldn't continue with the comic. but after i buy Alpha Sapphire i will immediately get to the comic, i won't even play my game, i'm that dedicated to you guys!!

so get to work on those november tasks, because you'll want those points for what's to come!! :) best of luck, explorers!!

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Emberstar359 Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I hope I'm not being a bother, but I wanted to ask about the current state of the group. Has it been abandoned or is work big done on mission two?
Videogamer80 Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Hey, I've been watching this group for a while, and I check it out today, and it suddenly zsays that yoyu import teams from ALL other pmd groups. A few things: 1.When did this happen, 2.Why, and 3. How would this all work? Like say I'm no longer paticipating in say PMDO and I want to import those teams into this group. How would everything work, like the intventory, and the story part of the written app?
Ciinos Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
1.  Feb 2, 2015.
2. 'cause why not. If you have attachments to that team you can import them, I don't see why it'd be bad.
3. Read the newest journal through please. If you have more questions still, I welcome a reply. 
Videogamer80 Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Ah, I see. Thanks. 

But what about tools? Like the ones which let you use a move, like the fireworks recipe, the two-by-four, the ornate chopsticks, or the apricorn ocarina?
Ciinos Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'd say it's fine, but I don't know about the other founders. 
KitsseliaTheLunar Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2015  Student Photographer
Hey guys!

Can you guys spread the community about the Giveaway Premium Membership?
I want to do it for those who wants PM really badly.
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this group seems interesting

i'll be looking forward this group
Emberstar359 Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
So question: what's the usability difference between task points and poke? Like what can be used for what?
xEmoXDudetx Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
100 poke is worth 1 task point- so far, we've only had things that can use task points, but soon we'll have shops where you'll have to use the pokecoins, since some things will be priced under 100 poke.
Pfaccioxx Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2015   General Artist
1 is pisacol currency, the other is digatol cerency, both have there pro's and con's, but MOST store will accept eather or, but there are 1 or 2 that will only accept 1 or the other (ex. lot's of the Dinamo City Stores will only accept TP cos it's digatol, wile some shady merchants will only accept Pk cos they don't want to be tracked

for more info see: &
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